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As the largest fully integrated producer of titanium ore and titanium dioxide, Tronox is poised to strengthen its leadership position in the minerals industry. Our company is committed to maximizing value for its shareholders, and our investor relations team works to put our financial performance into perspective.

Tronox Limited (NYSE: TROX)

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Copies of the Tronox 2013 Annual Report, the proxy, and the 2013 International Financial Report Standards (IFRS) statement are available at The company's IFRS statement will be available to shareholders not later than April 30, 2014. A copy of the company's Form 10-k and other filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are available at

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Q3 2014 Earnings Call
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TiO2 World Summit - Montreal, Quebec
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Press release  Tronox Reports Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results

Webcast  Q3 2014 Earnings Call