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Investors: Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

In today's rapidly changing global business climate, strong and transparent corporate governance is inextricably bound to operational excellence and shareholder value. Tronox promotes a culture of results that leads to adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance, including safeguarding a more sustainable planet. Our Board of Directors sets high but achievable goals for the company, while our management team develops strategy and sets out to execute it.

On November 15, 2018, Tronox's Board of Directors approved certain amendments to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, including enhancements to existing provisions regarding competition law, anti-bribery laws, maintaining a fair and safe workplace and guidance on charitable and political contributions. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct applies to employees and directors, as well as our agents, suppliers and contractors. Each employee is responsible for demonstrating integrity and leadership by complying with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Company policies and all applicable laws. By fully including ethics and integrity in our ongoing business relationships and decision making, we believe we demonstrate a commitment to a culture that promotes the highest ethical standards.


Corporate Governance Documents