Investors are increasingly recognizing that strong Corporate Governance is inextricably tied to the creation of long-term shareholder value. Tronox’s commitment to strong corporate governance is embedded in the Tronox Values and is manifest in our corporate culture which promotes and values ethical behavior. We believe that the Board of Directors and our Senior Leaders must set the tone for our employees, contractors, vendors and other relevant constituencies. Promoting strong governance, compliance and business ethics not only has value for its own sake, but is also of critical importance to our shareholders and members of the communities where we operate. Excellence in governance also creates an environment where employees can focus on operational excellence which leads ultimately to commercial success.

No single policy or document can create a business enterprise characterized by excellence in corporate governance. The Board of Directors and Senior Leaders must work cooperatively and consistently to create transparency and a respect for ethics, sustainability and the environment throughout the enterprise. Nonetheless, written policies, practices and procedures at every level of the organization are important. Other than the Tronox Values, the document that best summarizes our commitment to strong governance is the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which is available on our Compliance Portal. The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct applies to employees and directors, as well as our agents, suppliers, contractors and distributors. Each employee is responsible for demonstrating integrity and leadership by complying with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Company policies and all applicable laws. A second document that is also seminal to our culture of corporate governance is our Supplier Code of Conduct which specifically applies to all of our suppliers, vendors and contractors. That document is also publicly available on our Compliance Portal.