Where is Tronox’s corporate headquarters?

Our principal executive offices are located in Stamford, CT.

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What is the company’s legal name and where is the company domiciled?

The company’s legal name is Tronox Holdings plc and it is domiciled in the United Kingdom.

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When did Tronox re-domicile to the United Kingdom from Australia?

March 2019. Re-domiciling was effected by “top-hatting” Tronox Limited with a new holding company called Tronox Holdings plc, incorporated under the laws of England and Wales.

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How are Tronox shares traded?

Tronox is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and traded under the ticker symbol “TROX”.

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Who is Tronox’s transfer agent and how do I contact them?


They can be reached as follows:

By Telephone


By Regular Mail

PO BOX 505000
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

By Overnight Delivery

462 South 4th Street Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202

In addition, Computershare offers printable forms and other online resources on their website:

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How do I transfer stock or change the address on my shareholder account?

You will need to contact Computershare at 1-800-736-3001.

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What is Tronox Holdings plc’s CUSIP?


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Where can I find Tronox’s current and historic Annual Reports?

Click here for link to Annual Reports.

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Where can I find all of the SEC filings for Tronox?

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Who is Tronox’s independent auditor and U.K. statutory auditor?

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (U.S.) is the company’s independent registered public accounting firm.
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC U.K.”) is the company’s U.K. statutory auditor under the U.K. Companies Act 2006.

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Where can I find information about Tronox’s executive management team?

Click here for biographies of our senior leadership team.

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Where can I find more information regarding Tronox’s Board of Directors?

  • Click here for biographies of our Board members
  • Click here for information about committee composition
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Where can I find more information about Tronox’s corporate governance?

Click here for corporate governance documents.

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How do I get added to the Tronox email distribution list?

Click here to sign up for Investor Email alerts.

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How can I contact Tronox’s Investor Relations?

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